Be The STAR That You Are!

The ONE THING Holding You Back as a Speaker

How Are You MARKETING Your Speaking Business? 

If you can overcome this one obstacle  your speaking business will soar! 

You will start to make money from speaking and booking more stages. Your target audience will understand exactly what you offer and how.

Speaking today has never been easier – are YOU taking advantage?

THE most comprehensive program around so you can book bigger stages,
more stages and make more money speaking. 

There are great speaking courses and coaches out there. 
They help with your message, your topics and teach you how to book gigs. 
They DON”T, however, teach you how to market yourself to ACTUALLY get the gigs! 

We will teach you – step by step – what the 3 key elements are to market your speaking business and how to implement those keys so you can stand apart from the other speakers in your field. 

How do YOU stand out?

By the end of this program you will have: 

Developed Your Brand

A speaker's brand is more than pretty colors. A speaker must convey to the audience what to expect from the presentation. A consistent brand across all platforms will ensure you will deliver what your brand promises.

Nailed Down Your Media

No more marketing package confusion! Rise above the other speakers with a package that will emphasize your expertise, validate your creditability and allow you to charge what you are worth.

Upleveled Your Message to Get Paid What You are Worth

Develop marketing strategies and a plan to put your message out into the world, get noticed and get hired as a highly sought after speaker.

More than anything you will:

  • Learn the difference between the speakers that are consistently being booked and those that are struggling to get noticed. 
  • Strengthen your credibility and expertise as a speaker with material and content that will showcase who you are. 
  • Gain the confidence that comes from having a professional speaking presence online, regardless of your speaking experience. 

Marketing to Speak is the only program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to marketing your speaking business — but how to get your profile into the hands of dozens or even hundreds of event and conference planners every month.